Self-love & freedom

through sexuality and intimacy

©2018 Carolina Kroon

Do you remember the wild essence of who you really are?

Do you know, as I do, the pain of being disconnected from your own soul — and the deep longing that drives you to come home?

Hi, I’m Leonore. I’m a field guide to the inner world, helping people transform their sexual and emotional patterns to have better relationships and more personal power.

If you are looking to reconnect with your erotic vitality, take the next step in your sexual evolution, energize your sexuality through mythology + archetypes, and express your wild creative soul more fervently… You’re in the right place.

Rewild Your Heart is for empaths and deep feelers who are learning to have boundaries and speak their truth. It’s for wild ones seeking sanctuary, and a way of belonging that doesn’t involve bargaining with their own souls.

Welcome home, seeker.

Explore Your Sexuality
Through Poetry & Mythology

In hearthfire circles

Join my wolf pack! Hearthfire Circles is a virtual group that meets monthly, to nourish ourselves with poetry and conversation about sex, intimacy, eroticism and the soul. Functionally a once-a-month, “ask anything” Q&A call with me every month, with bonus feminist poetry. Adults of all genders welcome; one participant said recently: “It’s a monthly piece of erotic wisdom candy–and I need it!”

The Nordic Woman

September 7-16, 2020, Sweden

This 9 day journey for women weaves together wilderness experience in Sweden, traditional folk singing, nature connection, embodied movement, and storytelling. Be immersed in the wild beauty of the Swedish landscape, empower your voice, and embody your creative expression!

Uncover Your Authentic Erotic Dominance

Erotic Dominance coaching & intensives

Practice dominance, poise, and the precision of knowing exactly what you want. Create depth and presence in your erotic play through the use of ritual and archetypes. Liberate your intensity and magic when you let go of the fear of being “too much”! For experienced players of BDSM* as well as newcomers who are ready to explore.

Sex Coaching & Depth Work

1-on-1 work for individuals of all genders

I offer both practical sex coaching, and ongoing guidance to seekers doing deep sexual + soul healing and empowerment. Through 1-on-1 work with me, we can address practical sex questions and concerns that range from creating a road map for your sexuality, practicing difficult conversations, and developing skills for more intimacy and pleasure.

Depth Work is designed for people whose lives call them to transform how they approach sexuality and relationships. We work together on all the juicy sex stuff — and also dive into healing and transforming emotional patterns and relational wounds so you can have more freedom, joy, and power.

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