About Leonore

©2018 Carolina Kroon

“Mink with a time bomb.”

(That’s how someone recently described me.)

I’m a field guide to the inner world, helping people transform their sexual and emotional patterns to have better relationships and more personal power.

Originally hailing from just outside New York City, I have worked in the field of adult sexuality education since 2011 have studied and learned from many wonderful teachers in the world of adult sexuality education and empowerment, on subjects such as communication, boundaries, BDSM, and polyamory/non-monogamy.

In my private counseling practice I work with individuals at many different stages of their sexual journeys, helping them feel more sexually whole and to have deeper intimacy in their relationships. I’m a trained practitioner of Internal Family Systems therapy and I currently serve as a co-leader for the American Psychological Association’s task force on Consensual Non-Monogamy. I welcome LGBTQ+ and non-monogamous clients into my practice and provide a safe space to explore topics around sexuality, including BDSM and sex work.

I offer a variety of workshops on sexual communication, boundaries/consent, and pleasure. As an artist-healer and spiritual seeker, my workshops and programs draw from many sources such as feminist consciousness raising groups, earth-based spirituality, non-dualist contemplation, ecopsychology, authentic movement, somatics, Theater of the Oppressed, and ancestral skills.

I come from a feminist, systems-based approach that looks not only at individual experience, but the bigger context of gender, race, culture and identity that we’re all swimming in here in 21st century dominator culture.  In my world, the personal is political, vulnerability is both essential and an aphrodisiac, and self-love is a radical act.  I believe we can’t forgo a structural analysis in making sense of even the most personal part of our lives. As a mixed-race Chinese American with diverse cultural and spiritual heritages, I hold an anti-racist perspective and aim to address how white supremacy culture has disenfranchised people of color from their sexual autonomy, wellness and joy.

On a more personal level, my pull to this work emerged from my own lived experience of sexual darkness, confusion and pain. I know what it feels like to be stuck in sexual disconnection because I spent many years there as a result of violation, homophobia and my own disempowerment. I was blessed to find mentors and support on my journey at an early age. I know what it feels like to walk through the fire and, in turn, I have witnessed and assisted many people in their own process of awakening.


  • I was voted “most mysterious” in my high school yearbook
  • Leonore sounds like “Lee-oh-nore.” My last name is pronounced “Chee-ah”; it’s an Indonesian-Chinese name (谢) that means “to thank”
  • I read The Red Tent at age 12 and promptly told my parents I wanted to join a women’s moon circle, which they supported (go Mom & Dad!!!). Growing up in a women’s community that honors the Goddess is probably the #1 thing from childhood that has shaped who I am today
  • I learned German in college so I could read Rainer Maria Rilke’s poetry in the original
  • Inspired by the Huntress archetype, I spent several years living in the northeastern US learning how to track animals, hunt deer and tan hides. I now live and write on Ohlone territory (Bay Area) in California, but the mountains are my true love and I escape there whenever I can.


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