Rewild Your Sexuality
Reconnect to Your Soul

Private 1-on-1 Work with Leonore

I offer both practical sex coaching,
and work as a longterm guide to seekers doing deep sexual + soul healing and empowerment.

Private Practice Update

As of August 2021, I am undertaking a clinical internship for my Masters training that constrains my ability to take new clients in my private practice. To be added to my waitlist as spots open up, please e-mail me directly.
I may have limited availability to work with individuals and couples throughout the 2021-2022 academic year. I regret that I am not able to take insurance and that the sliding scale spots in my practice are currently full. Thus, the rates at which I am able to see clients are: $165 for individuals, $230 for couples/multi-partner constellations.

Transform Shame into Courage

A vital part of sexual empowerment is healing our emotional patterns around sex and intimacy.
That means letting go of the shame + negative messaging we’ve taken on and internalized.
This can be shame about your body, your sexual past, your desires or fantasies, having an STI, or a sense of wrongness about your sexual self. It can also involve emotional patterns like perfectionism, people-pleasing, self-criticism and self-policing that aren’t necessarily sexual in nature, but that nonetheless cage your erotic vitality and soul freedom.

Together, we alchemize this into more life force, courage and erotic energy so you can be freer and be more of who you really are.

Depth Work Is For You If…

      • you sense that your sexuality is part of your personal power
      •  you want to feel more free and more whole — in your sexuality and in every part of your life
      • you’ve been through difficult experiences and need support to no longer carry those burdens
      • you want deeper intimacy and honesty in your relationships — without having to hide or apologize for who you are
      • you are ready to go to the deep places inside, thaw out what’s frozen, rediscover what is hidden — to feel more free, more joyful, more whole and more alive

What People Are Saying

Leonore was able to help me identify, visualize, and feel in my body a part of myself I had been neglecting for who knows how long. She was able to converse directly with this part and model a compassionate way of listening. The work to heal is deep and layered and Leonore has the focus of a needle, to sift through the parts of you you struggle with and help you sew them back together.

– Mae, registered dietician in Washington

Photo by Frances Denny

Leonore has been such an inspiring priestess and guide on my journey, helping me to heal these old wounds and find a deeper experience of my own power.”
– Jackie, coach in Pennsylvania

“Leonore’s work is really magical. She’s been such a beautiful ally in moving these deep and tender parts within myself.”
– Elise, educator in New York

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