Erotic Dominance Coaching

Hi, I’m Leonore.

I help people use BDSM* to heal, reclaim and explore the sexuality and psyche, access transcendent and ecstatic states, and develop deeper intimacy and trust.

Practice Dominance, Poise & Control

Develop your personal style of erotic dominance.
Overcome perfectionism, inner critics and mental blocks.
Tap into the precision of knowing what you authentically want.

Find the Sacred Heart of Power Exchange

Create depth and presence in your erotic play.
Enhance your dominance through ritual and archetypes.
Access the sacred in the profane.

Liberate Your Intensity & Your Magic

Let go of the fear of being “too much.”
Discover your erotic creativity.
Create deep experiences that are meaningful for you.

Photo by Carolina Kroon

Phone & Skype Sessions

I offer 1-on-1 sessions that help you strengthen access to what most inspires and nourishes your dominance. We look at your history, fantasies and the root system of your relationship to power. We hone in on what authentically comes from your heart and what’s performance or pretense. We develop an eloquent language for your power and figure out how you can go after the things you truly desire.

Phone sessions are also the place to work with the parts of you that get in the way of your dominance: your inner critics, perfectionists, protectors and the exiled parts they protect. I use Internal Family Systems to help you release self-critical thoughts and behaviors, and alchemize shame, perfectionism and self-policing into more life force and erotic vibrancy.

In-person Intensives

Let’s Take a Trip to the Dungeon! In-person intensive sessions are available in the Bay Area where we take a multi-hour long trip to a local, well-outfitted BDSM house that is totally private and stocked with all the toys and implements of your dreams.

Erotic Dominance intensives are tailored to focus on your specific growth edges. Usually at least two phone sessions are required beforehand so I can fully understand your goals and so we can address the emotional and psychological levels of your dominance. Intensives provide the opportunity to embody what you have learned, practice new skills, and make it real — in the company of an empathetic and experienced guide.

A Little About Me

Hi, I’m Leonore. I’ve worked professionally in the field of adult sexuality education since 2011, with a focus on helping women to reclaim their sexuality as a part of their personal power.

I’m a spiritual seeker, attentive to the energetic and ritualistic elements of BDSM. I see its psychological potential for offering corrective experiences that help us feel more emotionally whole.

I joke that my ultimate kink is getting people to show me their souls. This work has the potential to reach very far into your life, exceeding the realm of erotic power exchange (which you might find is much bigger than you thought!)

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