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Summer Solstice Retreat

june 21-23 | santa cruz, ca

This weekend retreat offers a safe, grounding and nourishing environment for those who identify as women and who are ready to do deep sexual empowerment healing work as a collective. Over three restorative days in the Santa Cruz Mountains, we soak in restorative time to go into inner/outer wildness. Herbal oils and plant essences support our sexual empowerment and healing work. Shedding unwanted forms of domestication, we return to our erotic nature with the Earth.

This is my only weekend retreat offering in 2019.

The Nordic Woman

september 8-19, 2019 in sweden

This 8 day journey for women weaves together wildness experience, traditional folk singing, kulning, nature connection, embodied movement, and storytelling. More than a tourist experience — it offers time and space to reconnect with our souls and the wild, free and untamed places within us.

Upcoming Conferences & Festivals

June 6-9: SoulPlay Festival in PineCrest, CA. 
I’m presenting Rewilding Our Sexual Stories and Intimate Relationship as Spiritual Crucible

July 9-14: Touch&Play at Earthdance, MA.
I’m presenting Rewilding Our Sexual Stories in a multi-day intensive format.

Hearthfire Circles

monthly virtual group
third Friday of the month

Hearthfire Circles is an ongoing group that meets virtually every third Friday of the month for a one-hour call that explores mythology, poetry and sexuality. Intended to counteract our modern poverty of inspiration, it features a different mythology story or theme — usually related to the seasons — and a selection of poems, plus discussion. One participant said recently: “It’s a monthly piece of erotic wisdom candy!”

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