The Best Technique for Being Sexual Empowered

The best tool and technique for being sexually empowered isn’t a vibrator, a Jade Egg, or a way of breathing; it isn’t a lingerie set, a lipstick or a one-way ticket to Bali.

The best thing I know if is to love yourself so deeply that you stop tolerating situations and people that are wrong for you.

Love yourself so deeply that you believe you are worthy of pleasure and healthy, joyful relationships.

Love yourself and have the courage to look at your own shortcomings. The places where you fail to communicate, where you get reactive, where you beat up on yourself and open the door to other people doing the same to you. Where you prioritize your own desires over other people’s needs and unintentionally use them. Where you need to be right.

Love yourself enough to do the inner work that alchemizes that human dross… and turns it into gold.