Rewild Your Sexuality

through movement, sound & erotic story

F A CI L I T A T E D     B Y     L E O N O R E     T J I A

Rewilding Our Sexual Stories weaves together improvisational movement, sound and stories from our personal erotic histories.

The stories that emerge represent a full spectrum of experience, from the luscious, empowering and inspiring to the traumatic, ambiguous or disappointing. Stories are held within a container of sacred witness, making space for you to process and express your own material without judgment, commentary or analysis.

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Photo ⓒ Carolina Kroon

Nourishing the Root System of Our Sexuality and the Soul

by Leonore Tjia

In a time when so many of us are hooked by urgency, stress and distraction, living in a culture of deeply troubled sexuality and carrying its toxicity in our bodies, we really need practices that help us come back to ourselves — that uphold sexuality as honorable and important — and that nourish our creativity and inner life.

When I discovered the beautiful work of Body Tales® and Olivia Corson in the San Francisco Bay Area, I sensed its potential for healing and integrating our sexuality. Body Tales is an amazingly rich practice that’s grounded in a deeply ecological framework. I trained with Olivia and a cohort of teachers and now offer Rewilding Our Sexual Stories workshops in the Bay Area and wherever I travel in order to share this vital work.

This practice helps us cultivate healthy body awareness, re-earth ourselves, discover somatic resources for healing, and reclaim the body as central to artistic/spiritual expression and sexual sovereignty.

How It Works

This practice is unique in that it:

  • Is dynamic and movement based. Instead of sitting still and talking, we move around the space following intuitive impulses for movement and sound along with spoken word.
  • is non-performative and unrehearsed. Stories are emerge spontaneously from the teller’s communion with their own body and material, and do not have to be linear; there is no way to do this practice wrong.
  • Is intimate: Our story circles are small groups of no more than 13 people.
  • Is non-hierarchical: instead of few performers getting up in front of an audience, everyone acts as both mover and witness.
  • Is not about entertaining an audience. Instead, movers are encouraged to commune with their own bodies and stay in their own material
  • Grounds our erotic stories within a larger connectedness to Nature and the Earth.

Words of Praise

“Leonore is an inspiring, empathic teacher who dares to simultaneously lead and undergo the experiences she creates for her students. It’s a really special, fierce, playful space Leonore makes for us, and I recommend her teaching to anyone and everyone.” – Moira

“Telling my story with my body as well as my words during our workshop allowed me to tap into a deeper well of wisdom and emotion than I have experienced before. I am more liberated for this work.” – Meg

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Stories are the lifeblood of our humanness.

Photo ⓒ Carolina Kroon

Our sense of what is possible for us sexually is shaped by the stories we are told, about when and how and with whom our sexuality is acceptable and valid.

I experienced this personally as a young woman growing up in the deeply colonized suburbs of New York City. I did not have a way to name or understand the confusion around my own sexuality: the sense that I was different from how I was “supposed to be,” the shame and confusion around early coercive experiences, and the deep sense of disenfranchisement from my own body once it ceased to be the childhood home-of-myself and became, instead, a site of perfectionism, spectatoring and performance.

Unless we choose to create and shape our own stories, we will be driven by those that come outside us and that, too often, distort and cut us off from our inherent sexual wholeness: stories that privilege a narrow few and silence and pathologize those of us outside the illusory “normal.”

But this is not the only lineage of story available to us. This work recognizes the body as a living storehouse of our our accumulated experiences and honors our innate body intelligence and capacity to create, regenerate and reconnect to our profoundly wild instincts. It reminds us: even if we have spent most of our lives living from the neck up, there’s tremendous wisdom down below.

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